Delamere Industries, Inc. offers professional design, fabrication and installation of both aluminum and steel rail.

We install rail that is manufactured in-house by Delamere Industries, Inc. We are recognized as an industry leader within the State of Florida, and as one of the top industry leaders in the Tampa Bay area. We are experts in designing and installing custom fencing. Discover why Delamere Industries should be your choice.

We are the owner of a unique pedestrian rail system that received widespread acceptance by FDOT (Florida’s Department of Transportation, which added the system to its QPL (Qualified Products List). Delamere Industries, Inc. is recognized as a key industry leader within the State of Florida.

DOT Customer base includes:

  • Airports
  • Government
  • Hospitals
  • Public Accommodations
  • Railing
  • Restaurants
  • Sport Complexes

FDOT Specified products - Fabrication and Installation.

Delamere produces the following handrail types:

  • FDOT Index 400 Pipe Guiderail for Guardrail
  • FDOT Index 821 / 822 Bullet Rail
  • FDOT Index 860 (Old design) Aluminum Picket rail
  • FDOT Index 852 Steel Pedestrian/Bicycle Handrail (All Infill Types)
  • FDOT Index 862 Aluminum Pedestrian/Bicycle Handrail (All Infill Types)
  • FDOT Index 870 Aluminum Pipe Guiderail/handrail
  • FDOT Index 880 Steel Pipe Guiderail/handrail

** All handrail will be tailor made for your project. Your rail can be customized with unique infills if desired and multiple colors are available. Our estimators oversee each project form cradle to grave in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

Delamere Is also a leading installer of FDOT fencing. We specialize in installation of Index 802, 810, 811 & 812.

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